Paper Mills The Paper Tigers has a long history of direct business with paper mills throughout North America.
Secondary Fibers Secondary Fiber is an integral part of our business at The Paper Tigers. We deal in every grade of waste paper and secondary fiber.
Converters We understand from our years of industry experience how competitive the converting business can be.
Paperboard One of our main points of focus at The Paper Tigers is on convertible paperboard.


With recent growth in recovery rates of recyclable materials and the increasing push toward greater levels of environmental sustainability, most paper industry manufacturers realize that the byproduct they generate is more than just waste. In many cases, paper scrap has significant real value. However, if it is not processed correctly, byproduct can hamper efficiency and obstruct production. Paper waste should be disposed of efficiently and put to the highest possible end use. Off-grade product needs to be moved out quickly and marketed discretely. Servicing these mission critical supply relationships is our specialty at the Paper Tigers, Inc. Among the many services and assets we provide are:

  • High Volume generation points
  • Processing bulky or difficult to handle material
  • Assured, documented destruction of proprietary or sensitive material


We make markets the world over in specialty grades of paper, difficult to market fibers, and high quality pulp substitutes.

PAPER MILLS Secondary Fibers CONVERTERS Paperboard